Computer Repair

WEB World Computers offers computer repair and tech support services in Bajaj Nagar MIDC Area.

Computer help is just a phone call away. We provide tech support, PC repair, and Mac repair to home users all over the Aurangabad. You can drop off at our convenient storefront for computer repair in Bajaja Nagar, or we can come to your home or office to provide tech support. Our home computer repair and tech support services help people remove viruses, back up data, organize mobile devices, repair computer hardware, sync email, calendars, and contacts, upgrade computers, and more.

We can help you with computer repair in two convenient ways:


We provide affordable, simple drop-off service for computer repair in Bajaj Nagar. We can remove viruses, upgrade hardware, and fix individual computer problems. Simply drop off your computer in our convenient Bajaj Nagar location and we’ll call when your computer is ready. We provide simple pricing and packages to take the pain out of PC repair and Mac repair. After a quick diagnostic, most of our customers’ needs can be met with our popular “First Aid” or “Surgery” service. We provide these services to you at flat rates, to help take the guess work out of your budget.

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WEB World Computer can come to your home for computer support. We will arrive at your door, day or evening, with all of the equipment and knowledge needed to solve your computing problems and provide business-class reliability and backup.  We come to your home in the Bajaj Nagar Area (see our coverage here).  You can also drop your computer off at our office in Bajaj Nagar to have it worked on in our shop.

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See our list of computer repair services below:


Virus Removal

We keep strong antivirus and malware protection software in our shop.
  • Single User Pack
  • Multi User User Pack
  • Windows PC Support

    We support and fix genuine Windows PCs. We help make Windows run smoothly, reliably, and securely.We also have all windows version for sale.

    Apple Mac Repair

    We support all MOBILE REPAIRING TASKS.

    Data Backup

    We can help you set up backup for your Macs, PCs, and mobile devices. Automatic and cloud backup available.

    Cloud Services

    We support iCloud, Google Apps, Gmail, DropBox, and other cloud and sync services to simplify your digital life.

    Data Recovery

    We recover lost data from hard drives, smartphones, cameras, memory sticks, and more.We guaranty 100% data recovery from your corrupt device.